8/31/2018: The plans are reviewed and the intial webbing is clamped together with the sonex spacing tool between the spars to ensure proper alignment.

Drilling Commences

9/1/2018: Once the webbing is clecod in place, the drilling starts. Everything is pilot drilled at 3/32".

Pilot Drilling Complete

9/1/2018: The pilot drilling using the Sonex spacing tool and reference pilto holes on the skin is very helpful.

Different Types of Rivets

9/21/2018: There are many different rivet types used int he wing spar. Each one was assigned a color code and an "F" indicated that the web needs to be formed for flush rivets.


10/3/2018: The thicker solid webbing needed to be countersunk precisely. It came out pretty good and matches the plan's specifications.

Flush Solid Rivets

10/3/2018: Here I started installing flush solid rivets in the spar. Using the bucking bar as the flat source and a bolt and mallet to crush the rivet in place.

Horrible First Timer

11/27/2018: The first spar took me forever and this is why, I had a lot of trouble with the solid rivets. These all were drilled out and tried again. The second time around was better.

Lots of Riveting Left

11/27/2018: There are so many rivets to do, it is easy to get discouraged but you need to stick with it.

Rounded Heads

11/28/2018: The rounded head solid rivets were easier to install with an air rivet gun and the SOnex bucking bar.

Round Rivets Done

11/30/2018: The round rivets were completed on the right spar.

Right Spar Done

12/11/2019: The right spar is finally completed. Now to start the left one!

Left Spar Started

12/12/2018: The left spar is clamped and spaced using the Sonex spacing tool, drilling to commence in the spars.

Pilot Holes Complete

12/12/2018: All the pilot holes were successfully drilled through the spars.

Aux Fuel Tanks!

1/31/2019: Happy New Year. Took a break from building the spars to enjoy the holidays and work on the house. The auxiliary fuel tanks arrived today!

Back to Building!

2/7/2019: Ok break time is over and time to start getting back to the grindstone. Updrilling the pilot holes and getting ready for rivets.

Countersinking Left Spar

2/8/2019: Countersinking the spars, and the thick webbing. Getting ready for assembly and rivets.

Solid Rivets!

2/9/2019: Finally pounding solid rivets into the left spar. Make sure to download and use the Sonex spar supplement on their website.

Both Spars Done

2/12/2019: Both spars are completed. They look fantastic!

Wing Spars Clamped

2/13/2019: The wing spars need to be clamped and aligned in order to drill out for later wing rigging.

Nice Alignment

2/13/2019: The alignment was perfect although it was a little difficult to do this by myself.

Long Wingspan

2/13/2019: I was surprised at how long the wingspan is even with the overlap of spars.

It's Long!!

2/13/2019: Thats what she said...ok enough with the jokes, time for the scar part of drilling out the mounting holes to 1/2" diameter.

Bolts Fit!

2/13/2019: Well the bolts fit tightly, thats a great sign that I must have done it right.