The Plans
7/6/17: The plans arrived and now I am reading through to see what I got myself into.
First Clecos
7/6/17: I cleco'd my first part (the main spar of the horizontal stabilizer).
First Rivets!
7/6/17: I drilled, updrilled, deburred, cleco'd, and riveted my first part! (The main spar fo the horizontal stabilizer). Only 10,000 more rivets to go!!
Completed Main Spar
7/7/17: Main spar riveted and it looks damn good!
Started Forward Spar
7/12/17: Started on the forward spar on the horizontal stabilizer, however, one part was missing so Sonex will send it out to me.
Rudder spars completed
7/17/17: I completed the spars for the rudder structure. Of course I did this with my helper Billy!
Rudder Structure Cleco'd
7/19/17: I was able to finally get the time to cleco the structure of the main rudder.
Custom Rudder Beacon
7/20/17: I am attempting to have a rudder tip beacon light. I nervously drilled the fiberglass and shaved some heat sink off the light to see if this will work. I think it will, waiting for the fiberglass supplies to arrive so I can get this started.
Rudder Beacon
7/20/17: As you can see the side profile isn't much wider than the fiberglass tip. Some creative fiberglass work should make this look decent. We shall see.
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Lit Beacon
7/20/17: This is how the beacon will look when powered up. It will also be synced to another beacon on the belly. I think it will look better once all the fiberglass work is complete.
Wiring of Beacon
7/21/17: I wired up the beacon through the spars in the vertical stabilizer. The driver is mounted on the top.
Custom fiberglass for beacon
7/23/17: This was my first attempt at fiberglass, I used modeling clay as the form and several layers of fiberglass matting to make up the form. It just needs to sanded, filled, primed and painted.
Vertical Stabilizer Skin
7/26/17: Cleco'd and riveted the first skin on the project and it was on the vertical stabilizer.
Vertical Stabilizer Completed
7/26/17: Finished all the riveting of the vertical stabilizer. Looks great with my first major completed part. Yes I put my N-number on it.
Horizontal Stabilizer
7/31/17: Started on the horizontal stabilizer cleco'd the main and sub spars. Still waiting on back-ordered parts to arrive so I can move forward.
Horizontal Stabilizer
8/2/17: My bud and I cleco'd and riveted the frame together.
Raw Drilled
8/3/17: Every hole on the plane has to be drilled, cleco'd, updrilled to 1/8", un-cleco'd, deburred, re-cleco'd and then finally riveted.
Deburred Hole
8/3/17: How the hole is supposed to look prior to being riveted. Quality craftsmanship is key to success and safety.
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Primed Parts
8/5/17: Primed parts for the elevator.
8/7/17: The elevator is completed.
Horizontal Stabilizer
8/10/17: Skins are starting to be drilled and cleco'd together.
More Deburring
8/12/17: Continuing on the updrilling and deburring process.
Structure Deburred
8/12/17: Holes are deburred and skins are ready to be riveted.
Rivets Rivets Rivets
8/17/17: Skins are finally cleco'd and ready for rivets. Rivets are set.
Elevator Mounted
8/20/17: Skins are done and elevator is mounted. Looking more and more like a plane part!
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