Gear Parts

3/30/18 - Started assembly of the seat structure and laid out all the parts for the tri-gear mounts (black parts). The larger tubes are for the rudder pedals.

Seat Structure

4/1/18: The seat structure is cleco'd to the floor pan and to the aft wing spar tunnel support. Cleco'd the main gear mounts in place to pilot drill the mounting hardware.

Dimpling the Tunnel

4/1/18: Dimpled the larger bolts necessary to attach the main gear mounts to the plane. I will be installing temporary fasteners until the final install where I will install the aircraft grade bolts and hardware.

Mocking Up the Wheel

4/3/18: Drilled the hole through the floor pan into the main gear mount then slid the titanium leg into it. Taped the main wheel onto the leg to see about height.

Titanium Leg

4/3/18: The legs of the main gear are made of solid titanium. Makes me feel great that such a solid metal will deal with the impacts of landings.

Toe-In Alignment

4/13/18: Starting the process of aligning the wheels with a 0.7 degree toe in angle. This takes precision using a Sonex supplied tool and a 6' length of 1" aluminum angle.

More Alignment

4/13/18: Measure 3 thousand times so you only have to drill once. This titanium is hard to drill and very expensive. No mistakes here...hopefully.


4/13/18: Making sure everything is square and level before the final alignment measurements. Measured off the floor and it seems perfect.

Final Alignment

4/13/18: Can't emphasize enough how much I measured, re-measured, leveled, re-measured before deciding on pilot drilling the titanium. I was nervous.

Drilling Titanium

4/13/18: Drilling through this was tough, slow, and steady with a ton of cutting oil. Going lighter and letting the drill do the work made this eventually drill through like butter.

Titanium Shavings

4/13/18: The shavings from drilling through the gear leg made for some impressive pieces.

On the Gear!

4/13/18: After about 12 hours worth of work I was able to get her on all three wheels in one days time.