Draining the Oil
5/3/18: Started the top end tear down by draining the oil. The good engine I picked up I damaged enroute home and bent all the push rod tubes. These will all be replaced - hopefully no damage to pushrods themselves.
New Parts Everywhere!
5/3/18: I have gathered quite the collection of new parts that will be used to upgrade the engine. This includes the Aeroconversions Turbo Kit, turbo oil pump, top mount oil cooler, machined breather, Sonex cooling tank and radiator, new push rod tubes, new head gaskets, and new spark plugs.
Installed Top Oil Cooler
5/4/18: After letting all the oil drain out overnight I started by installing the top mount cooler and Sonex machined oil breather - very easy only a few bolts hold these on. Then I removed the left (pilot) side head. It came off real easy and after speaking with Gary Motley he believes I have the regular steel cylinders (a good thing).
Dirty Intake
5/4/18: 100LL fuel is some nasty stuff and makes everything dirty. The intake section of the head was quite dirty after pulling off the intake elbow.
A View Inside
5/4/18: A look inside at the cylinder. It's dirty but not as bad as I thought it would be.
Dirty Head
5/5/18: The intake and exhaust valves were pretty dirty and coated in lead and carbon. This will take some elbow grease to clean.
Head Cleaned
5/5/18: The head is as clean as I can get it. As per Gary's advice I poured gasoline into the head to check for valve leaks and thankfully there was none!
5/10/18: Can't help but notice some stowaway passengers in the Sonex. I have a good cheering crowd here!
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Updated: 5/5/2019

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A View Inside

5/4/18: A look inside at the cylinder. It's dirty but not as bad as I thought it would be.