I have decided to change powerplants to the AM15 made by Aeromomentum. "The AM15 is the cost effective alternative to the Lycoming O-235, Lycoming IO-233 and others.  The AM15 is a 16 valve, SOHC, inline 4 cylinder engine of aluminum construction and utilizes gear reduction to provide efficient power in a small light weight package.  The AM15's fuel and ignition are controlled by a FADEC system for simplicity of operation and outstanding fuel economy.  At economy 55% power cruise the fuel consumption is an ultra low 0.39 lbs/HP/hr providing a fuel flow of just 4.2 gal/hr!"  - Taken from


The Aerovee Turbo is a great little motor and was sold to a builder who will utilize it to its full potential. The firewall has been stripped of all the turbo cooling components and only a handful of wires remain intact. I will be starting fresh with this new powerplant and look forward to the higher horsepower, alternator output, and simplicity of the full FADEC control and fuel injection. The mount will be sent to a fabricator to maintain the tri-gear configuration and be adapted to the AM15 engine.