Ground Bus
5/27/18: Installed the battery ground bus "forest of tabs" to make grounding all electrical components to one central location and hopefully avoid dreaded grounding radio noise.
Firewall Passthrough
6/11/2018: Installed the stainless steel passthrough to allow wires to penetrate the firewall safely. I installed the 1" kit from Aircraft Spruce and it seems like plenty of room for multiple wires.
Interior View
6/11/2018: Here is an interior shot of the passthrough and how the main bundle of wires will be routed into the instrument panel and beyond.
Panel Mock Drawing
4/19/18: Drew up a to scale panel and sending to a custom fabricator who works on aircraft simulators. It will be backlit and in the same design and font as her Boeing cousins.
Panel Example
4/19/18: This is a similar setup to how my panel will look when completed.
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Updated: 1/1/2021

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