We Have A Wing!

April 14, 2019

After many different setbacks and family events in the way, construction of the main wing began in February and it was completed today! It actually looks like a wing. Minor details still need to be completed like fitting the fuel tank, but that should not take that long since everything was fitted ahead of time. Now on to the left wing - it should go quicker. 

Rebuilding the Turbo

February 28, 2019

The turbo kit I bought was used by another builder and came seized. I decided to research the turbo and replace any parts as necessary. It turned out to be easier than I thought and looks really good. Check out my small write up on the process. 

Let the Wing Spar Building Commence

September 01, 2018

I broke open the wing kit fresh from our road trip from Oshkosh and started with the numerous layers of webbing spar. The plans for the wing spar were meant for an A model but overall it wasn't that difficult to get started. The hardest part for me was the manual riveting of the spar and getting everything perfect. After consulting other builders, my OCD was a little too much and I found a rhythm. I didn't finish the spars until January and took some breaks because of the cold winter and major honey-do projects at our home. The one thing with building a plane is, life gets in the way, and it is OK!  

Welcome to Oshkosh!

July 21, 2018

My good flying buddy (and childhood friend) Chris and I drove from New York to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for Airventure 2018. This was our first time and it was absolutely amazing seeing all the vendors, aircraft, warbirds, other aviation enthusiasts and meeting other Sonex builders. We also toured the Sonex Factory which was pretty awesome! Additionally, we also picked up the wing kit and brought it back home.

Electrical and Firewall Work Continues

June 11, 2018

Because of preparations for Oshkosh 2018 there hasn't been much done in the way of building or fabricating on the Sonex. Minor work has been done on the electrical system including installing a firewall pass-through and running some wires to the magnetos and engine starter. The belly beacon was installed as well. More will be done in the near future.

Engine Work Begins!

May 11, 2018

Started working on tearing down the top end of the motor this past week. I am learning a lot of things about the engine and have received some great advice from Aerovee whisperer Gary Motley. I am thankful the Sonex community is so willing to take time out and give a hand, an ear, and valuable insight. Thanks everyone!

She's On The Gear!

April 25, 2018

A lot has happened since the last update. I received the landing gear and control kit and began installation of it. In addition I acquired a turbo kit for the Aerovee so I began to look over that and all the parts associated with it. Stay tuned for more progress. Click on the picture to go to the landing gear section. 

I have an Aerovee Engine!!

February 21, 2018

Well I cruise the sonexbuilders.net forum often to see what people are posting. As it happens, I saw a post for an Aerovee with prop for sale. After reaching out to the gentleman I decided the following weekend I would go down and pick it up. That's exactly what I did! On February 17, 2018 I picked up a lightly used 89 hour TT naturally aspirated Aerovee engine (SN: 0325). It looks to be in great shape and I only plan on doing minor modifications to it...until I scrounge up the cash for an Aeroconversion turbo kit for the Aerovee. It is sitting in the garage and awaiting the mount and landing gear that is coming next month. Click the picture for more info and pictures!  

It's been too damn cold!!

January 09, 2018

Well the average temperature here in southeast New York has been in the teens. Even with my kerosene heater, it has been difficult to make any significant progress on the fuselage. Therefore I thought I should use my time wisely and work on making the electrical drawings for the Sonex. I use TurboCAD and used existing drawings by Bob Nuckolls (an electrical guru) as the basis for my electrical design. Check it out by clicking the picture. As the weather gets warmer I am sure more progress will be made on the plane. 

More Fuselage Work - Ordered the next kit!!

December 20, 2017

I have been working on the fuselage kit and have been progressing on the flight deck portion of the Sonex. I received the last of the back-ordered parts and the project has just taken off. (See what I did there?) In addition to the work on the fuselage I finally pulled the trigger and ordered the landing gear, control kit, and motor mount for the Aerovee Turbo. At this point I am committed to the Aerovee engine after much debate on other options. You just can not beat the cost of the engine, cost of maintenance and cost of overhaul. Plus the turbo will sound pretty cool and give that extra "boost" needed in horsepower and continuity of power at higher altitudes. Very excited and happy with the progression of the project.

Starting on the Forward Fuselage

November 25, 2017

This month there wasn't much physical progress on the plane but more of wrapping up loose ends and securing the front portion of the aft fuselage. I was able to finish the forward supports on the turtledeck and attach the mounts for electric flap actuator, and finally complete the very aft portion where the skidplate attaches to the fuselage.


Today I started on fabricating the longerons for the forward fuselage (cockpit) and damn is that 1/8" thick aluminum hard to work on. The directions were a little confusing at first but I was able to visualize how to essentially turn 1" square tubing into a L shaped longeron on the ends. A lot of work, but looks really cool and is extremely strong. More pictures to come as I work on the firewall and cockpit this month. The engine mounts are still backordered but I did receive a new glare-shield and canopy that were both damaged by XPO. Sonex customer service has been fantastic!!

Work on the Fuselage Continues

October 29, 2017

Fuselage has been moving at a pretty good clip. I completed the sides of the aft fuselage and fianlly finished riveting the turtle deck skin on this evening. I am still waiting for backordered parts that will prevent me from really finishing the aft fuselage but there is plenty to work on. I am contemplating ordering the motor mount and gear while Sonex still has an EAA discount going on but I'll make that decision this coming week based on the quote. Excited that Big Blue is coming along.

The Fuselage Kit Arrives!!

October 04, 2017

I took delivery of the fuselage kit and picked it up at the local XPO Logistics service center. When I arrived, the pallet was pretty mangled and there was visible damage to the box. I took pictures just in case as it was being loaded onto my father-in-law's pickup, good thing I did. After contacting Sonex they were very helpful and assured me XPO would pay for the damaged items which included a crushed canopy and pretty dented glareshield metal. Luckily nothing else was damaged. Time to get to work on it!

Tail Nearly Complete

August 20, 2017

Billy and I managed to finish the vertical stabilizer, horizontal stabilizer and mounted the elevator to the horizontal stabilizer structure. For more information go to tail section by clicking here.


The twins and I will be attending the Northeast Sonex Fly-In in Keene, NH on September 9th. For more information on the Sonex Fly-In click here.

Guest on SonexFlight Podcast

August 13, 2017

Today I was a guest speaker on SonexFlight, a monthly podcast hosted by Jeff Shultz, Gary Motley, and John Gillis. They discuss all things Sonex including news, updates, build tips, and much more. I was featured as a guest to talk about taking the plunge into the Experimental build group. We discussed a lot including money factors, explaining to family, and what made me decide on Sonex verses another company. Take a listen to it and many others by visiting www.sonexflight.com. The episode I was featured in can be found here.

Progress on the Tail!

July 20, 2017

Over the past few weeks progress has been happening on the tail. Made my first mistake with the rudder control stock but it was a costly lesson to really read and try and interpret the plans. It has been so much fun including my oldest son on the project and continue with this together. He loves pulling the trigger on the rivet gun!

The Tail Kit Arrives!

July 05, 2017

Totally stoked that I got the kit. Only two parts were missing, one was back ordered but will arrive soon. Must start on the build ASAP!!

Ordered the Tail Kit

June 02, 2017

Today was it! I ordered my tail kit for a new Sonex Model-B standard tail tricycle-gear airplane. I now anxiously await it to arrive - the estimated ship date is the beginning of August. The start of the Sonex journey begins!


UPDATE: 6/29/17

Sonex informed me that they will be shipping on 6/30/17 - an entire month plus early. I anticipate it arriving on 7/5/17. Very excited!!

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