Custom Rudder Beacon

7/20/17: I am attempting to have a Vertical Stabilizer tip beacon light. I nervously drilled the fiberglass and shaved some heat sink off the light to see if this will work. I think it will, waiting for the fiberglass supplies to arrive so I can get this started.

Rudder Beacon

7/20/17: As you can see the side profile isn't much wider than the fiberglass tip. Some creative fiberglass work should make this look decent. We shall see.

Lit Beacon

7/20/17: This is how the beacon will look when powered up. It will also be synced to another beacon on the belly. I think it will look better once all the fiberglass work is complete.

Custom fiberglass for beacon

7/23/17: This was my first attempt at fiberglass, I used modeling clay as the form and several layers of fiberglass matting to make up the form. It just needs to sanded, filled, primed and painted.

Bondo Work

1/1/2021: Started laying some bondo on for final primer/vinyl application and installation on Vertical Stabilizer.