Gusset Measuring

2/14/2019: Happy Valentine's Day - tracing lines on the numerous gussets that need to be formed.

Gusset in Vice

2/14/2019: I used a vice to bend over the gussets using a rubber hammer. It worked surprisingly well and quick.

Second Bend

2/14/2019: Here is the second bend required on all of the gussets.

Completed Gusset

2/14/2019: This is a gusset completely formed.

Aft Spar Ribs

2/15/2019: Aft spar ribs clecod in place with the rear main spar attached as well.

Leadind Edge Ribs

2/15/2019: I then cleco'd the front leading edge ribs and it suddenly begins to look like a wing.

Support for Aileron Control

2/15/2019: Assembled structure for holding the aileron crank.

Wire Run

2/26/2019: After riveting the ribs and rear spar together to the main spar I ran wiring for the landing lights and the NAV/Position/Strobe wingtip lights.

Aft Bottom Skin

2/26/2019: I cleco'd the skin to the rear spar and then squared everything up according to the plans.

Accessory Fitment

3/13/2019: Test fit the auxiliary fuel tank and started mocking up where I wanted the landing light. Everything is clamped and it appears to fit nicely.

Final Mockup

3/13/2019: The light is aimed slightly down by 10 degrees to help with the nose-up flare expected on landing.

Vinyl Wrapped

3/14/2019: After installation, the light housing was wrapped in carbon fiber vinyl. I like the look.

We Have Light!

3/14/2019: I couldn't help but see how it would look lit up. I am impressed. It only uses 40 watts too!


3/14/2019: There is plenty of clearance and after leaving it on for an hour, the light housing barely got warm to the touch.

Fitting Leading Edge Skin

3/27/2019: I started clecoing the leading edge skin and prep it for bending over the edge.

Bend Success

3/282019: I forgot to take a picture with the straps holding the skin, but the ratechet method used by many builders worked like a charm. Make sure to protect the skin from the ratchet mechanism!

Ran Out of Clecos

3/28/2019: I ran out of silver clecos and luckily a local RV builder lent me 100 of his, just enough but never enough! Thanks Doug!


4/12/2019: After updrilling to 1/8" (sorry forgot to take pictures) comes deburring. This took a while.

Final Deburring

4/12/2019: FInal deburring of everything on spar finished.

Riveting the Skin Begins

4/12/2019: Got started by riveting the aft bottom skin first.

I Have A Helper

4/12/2019: William helped me place and set the rivets for the aft skins.

Aft Skins Done

4/12/2019: Productive day, the aft skins were completed riveting, waiting for leading edge skin.

Leading Edge Skin Cleco'd

4/13/2019: The leading edge was once again strapped into place and cleco'd. Waiting for flush CCC-42 rivets.

Wing Skins Complete

4/14/2019: The skins are completely riveted and it looks fantastic. Now to finish the light.

Initial Hole Drilled

4/14/2019: The landing light hole is cut for plexiglass. This cut looks ugly but it turns out ok.

Much Better

4/14/2019: The hole is completed, filed, and snaded down. The light is now visible from the front of the wing.

Test Fit Plexiglass

4/14/2019: Test fitting the plexiglass and of course, testing the light to see the output. It is bright!