Inertial Reel
2/6/2018: Installed the inertial reel portion of the seatbelt harness. Updrilled the Sonex mount plate to a 3/8" hole and used AN6-7A Bolt and nuts to hold it all together. It is solid and fits perfect.
Inertial Reel Extended
2/6/2018: The inertial reel is extended and connects via a standard seatbelt connector to the harness. At this point the spring is a little weak and will need to be tightened to give it better pull back. But it locks like a standard automotive seatbelt with any sudden jolt.
2/6/2018: This is the harness attached to the inertial reel - the lap plates still need to be secured to the frame but I have it mocked up to see if it will actually work.
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The beauty of building your own plane is making the customization choices you want. I plane on doing a number of things differently on this plane and using more technology to make a state-of-the-art aircraft that is fun to fly and also the envy of those at the field.

This section is dedicated to tracking the progress of these customization's and how I installed and implemented them. 

Some of the choices I am making are:

  • Decided against inertial reel seatbelts.

  • In wing auxiliary fuel tank.

  • Baggage door on pilot's side fuselage.

  • In-wing LED auxiliary landing lights.

  • Completely electric trim with older legacy trim tab.

  • Gas strut for holding open canopy.

  • Panel mounted iPad.

  • Panel mounted dual cupholder.

  • Laser etched custom switch panel.

  • Handmade leather interior with heat seaters.

  • SiriusXM Radio with External Antenna

The inertial reel seatbelt was scrapped because the spring was not strong enough and wouldn't be an adequate application in the Sonex. I will be using a standard racing 4-point harness.



Updated: 5/5/2019

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