1" x 1" x 1/8" Square Tubing
11/25/2017: So this square tubing has to be cut dramatically to become a longeron for the sides of the fuselage.
2 hours later
11/25/17: This is what it looks like after 2 hours of cutting carefully, filing, and buffing on the scotch brite wheel.
Drilling and assembling side panel
12/1/2017: Starting the initial process of drilling, deburring and assembling the side panels.
Side panel
12/1/2017: The process is lengthy because of all the different parts that have to be drilled, deburred and then finally riveted.
Riveting Side Panels
12/9/17: Riveting started on the side panels today. It is really starting to come together.
Mock Forward Fuselage
12/12/2017: Started today on mocking up the side panels and seeing the forward portion of the fuselage take place. The front firewall support is just cleco'd for now.
Floor Pan in Place
12/15/17: Today I brought up the floor pan from the basement and put it into place. I'll be using the existing pilot holes to drill into the side lower longerons and get this permanently fit soon.
12/20/17: Today I am drilling and riveting one of the firewall supports into the stainless steel firewall panel.
Firewall Mocked Up
12/21/17: Today the firewall is mocked up and a lot of clecos are used to keep this whole thing together. Soon comes the updrilling, disassembly, deburring, reassembly and riveting.
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Dimpling the Wing Tunnel
1/04/18: Today marks the start of dimpling. I kept breaking the nails, beginning to think maybe the pneumatic gun isn't the way to do this.
Dimpling Success
1/10/18: After trying to figure it out I have dimpling using the Sonex dimple die and pneumatic riveter down to a science. Low 30 PSI is just enough to dimple quick and easy with a very good result.
Dimples Everywhere!
1/15/18: The dimples and subsequent flush rivets ares going without a hitch!
Wing Tunnel Structure
1/20/18: I am pretty happy with how the wing tunnel looks in place.
Wing Tunnel In Place
1/20/18: Today with the help of Billy I finished dimpling and cleco'd the wing tunnel into place - fit with no bends and looks good. Billy approves!
Insert Wings Here
1/20/18: Very happy with the
Forward Support Secured
2/5/18: Today all the bolts securing the structure together were installed including some regular AN bolts and flush bolts as well.
Final Bolts
2/5/18: The bolts holding the aft and forward substructures are being put in. These are flush into the longeron I imagine for the canopy at some point.
Riveted and Secured
2/10/18: Today marked the finish of all the rivets in the firewall, the gussets holding it together and the rivets in the floor pan.
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