Ever since I announced to my friends and family that I wanted to build my own plane the questions started rolling in. Why? Is it safe? Where are you going to build it? The simple answer is there is no simple answer. Part of me is doing it because it is cheaper and allows more flexibility as a pilot. Another part of me is doing it to prove I can. I am a technical guy at heart and have always loved to tinker with any and everything. So this is an exciting endeavor. Yes it is cheaper (relative to used certified aircraft), yes it is relatively safe, and held to the strict rules of the FAA. I am going to build it in my garage with the help, love, and support of my wife and kids. It is an adventure and I am glad you are all here to watch and support me through it. The ultimate goal is to build a fun plane to accumulate flight hours and gain enough time and experience to complete my commercial and instrument tickets in the hopes of an airline or corporate pilot job in the near future. 

A huge shout out to the guys at SonexFlight (Jeff, Gary, and John) and others such as Mike Farley for offering advice and being there for me when I have questions. This Sonex community is amazing and I have spent a lot of time e-mailing and talking on the phone with these guys about numerous things including my Aerovee purchase and help with the wing spars. I just want to say thanks!

Thank you also for being a part of the journey and the genesis of N307TW!

   -Tim Wrede


Updated: 5/5/2019

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